Local sports analyst Cole Cubelic, host of the Cube Show, talks Sugar Bowl

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DECATUR, Ala. -- The sports world was on fire when the College Football Playoff Committee made their decision on Sunday. But right or wrong, Alabama is the #4 team and will face #1 Clemson in the Sugar Bowl on New Year's day.

Sports Analyst and host of The Cube Show on 103.9 The Ump, Cole Cubelic, said most people in the sports circle think the playoff committee made right the choice.

"I'm fine with Alabama being in. I think they're a better football team over the course of the season. Ohio State, just too many flaws, in my opinion, to be number four and play for a national championship," he explained.

Cubelic said the committee put the best four teams in, even if two of them belong to the same conference, the SEC.

"I've said it for three years, you'll never see two teams from one conference in because I thought it was bad for business. This showed me the committee is able to look past business and try and do what's best for the sport," he said.

He said for Alabama, the key to the Sugar Bowl will be to win the line of scrimmage. "Alabama's offensive line is going to have to have a really good day to neutralize that Clemson defensive line."

This is the third time Alabama and Clemson will meet, but Cubelic said this matchup will be played differently.

"I think that because it was such a good game the first time around, such a good game last year, that people are just expecting another really historic game. But, these are still two different teams though," he said.

Alabama hasn't seen great Sugar Bowl appearances in recent years, but Cubelic thinks this year that will change.

"They weren't games they were playing for a National Championship, they were games they were just playing as a reward for having a good season, and I think that's going to be the difference in this game," he explained.

Cubelic said nationally, the odds will be 50/50 on whether Alabama or Clemson takes home the title, but... "A lot of people, no matter what, they're going to look at Nick Saban, three weeks to prepare, and not many teams are going to be able to overcome that and get a win.  Because when you have that much time to prepare with that coaching staff, there's usually not going to be a letdown."

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