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Roy Moore criticizes Separation of Church and State in campaign speech

DORA, Ala. - Roy Moore held a campaign rally in Dora, Thursday evening. Like many of Moore's campaign events, it was held inside the walls of a church, and like a sermon made numerous references to his belief in a higher power.

"I prepared a nice political talk and then I got up here and I heard the pastor talk about God and country, so I just sat and I’m going to do something completely different," Moore told the crowd gathered at Bryan Baptist Church.

He held true to that promise, throughout his speech.

"If you’re looking for a man to heal your land you’re not going to find it, it’ll only be God," Moore said.

The only directly political reference Moore made, was reading an answer Doug Jones gave to The Economist earlier this month about embracing Roy Moore's followers if he was elected to the Senate.

“I’m not going to protect discrimination of any sort in any way whether it's race, religion, sex orientation or whatever," Moore read to the crowd, directly from Jones' answer.

Moore gave his interpretation of that answer.

“If your Christian culture does not accept abortion, same-sex marriage, sodomy, transgender rights in the bathroom, in the military, then you’re discriminatory and won’t be protected," said Moore.

Much like Moore's politics, the candidate claimed the concept of separation between church and state, is unfit in God's eyes.

“We do keep church and state separate from God. You see the doctrine we’ve been taught is that state is higher than the church," he said.

While Moore said the speech was something completely different, he touched on topics we've heard him share from the day he first held public office.

"Why do we have sodomy, why do we have all these evils that have come upon us? It's right in the scriptures. 'Because they forsaketh the Lord God of their Fathers,'" said Moore.

Moore ignored all questions from the media after his event concluded. reports a group of men physically blocked all media from being able to approach him as he left the building.