New Quarry site leaves some Gurley residents angry

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – Some residents of Gurley are voicing their concerns about a quarry being built at the base of Keel Mountain. They are worried about the effects of construction and what it will do the mountain and their homes.

The town of Gurley is home for April Langley and her family.  She cares a lot about it. "My husband and I grew up in very rural areas of Georgia and Mississippi. We both are farm kids," Langley said.

She`s lived on Keel Mountain for 11 years. "We just love it up here and we don`t want anyone to lose their homes because of the quarry," Langley said.

Langley and hundreds of others have a list of concerns about the quarry. "We are afraid of the blasting that is going to go on. We are afraid for our homes and the kids that go to school at Madison County Elementary School. We are afraid for children who have respiratory issues," Langley explained.

As of now, it looks as if McCord Construction has only started removing trees at the base of the mountain, along highway 72.

WHNT News 19 reached out to McCord Construction so they could address some of the concerns people like Langley have. We did not get a response back. Langley has had the same luck.

"We want to know what is going to happen to our mountain because if you can see it, it`s a beautiful mountain. We don`t want it destroyed. We just want answers. I`m not angry at Mr. McCord, I`m angry that he is not responding to our questions. That`s what I'm upset about," Langley explained.

Also on the quarry site is a historic home known as "Wildwood". Many groups like the Huntsville/Madison County Historical Society are concerned about the future of it.

The Past President of the group said they've reached out to the construction company too. Langley and several others have started a petition to stop the quarry from being built.