Lauderdale County Judge to decide fate of Wilkes after possible parole violations

FLORENCE, Ala. – A Florence man who pleaded guilty for his connection with teen's death in 2013 could be headed back to prison. 22-year-old Ryan Alexander Wilkes appeared in circuit court Thursday for a revocation hearing. After serving two years in prison, prosecutors said Wilkes has had two incidents while in community corrections.

Ryan Wilkes

Ryan Wilkes was dressed in an orange jail jumpsuit as he was led into the third-floor courtroom of Judge Ben Graves. Wilkes has been in custody since his arrest on November 1st.

According to court records, Wilkes failed a mandatory drug test when reporting to community corrections. Court records show Wilkes admitted to having two margaritas the night before he was tested.

Wilkes was released from prison earlier this year and placed on felony supervision.

The 22-year-old pleaded guilty to unlawful distribution of a controlled substance in 2015. He stood accused of giving 17-year-old Landon Letsinger a fatal dose of a synthetic drug. Letsinger died 8-days later.

Ryan Wilkes was sentenced to ten years in prison, split to serve two behind bars.

Since his release, Wilkes is said to have failed two drug tests, including the latest.

After Thursday’s revocation hearing, Judge Ben Graves said he would make a ruling on Wilkes’ future in the coming days. Ryan Wilkes will remain in custody at Lauderdale County Detention Center without bond while Judge Graves makes a decision.