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Tony Goolsby of DeKalb County Roy Moore campaign speaks out about the scuffle with the media before rally

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HENAGAR, Ala. - Out of all things that could possibly go wrong at a campaign rally, the DeKalb County Roy Moore campaign team never expected a scuffle between their members and the media. "I certainly have never seen someone who has an official title within a US Senate campaign do something like that," says Connor Sheets of Reckon Alabama. He recorded the video of the scuffle outside of the rally.

Tony Goolsby, chairman of the DeKalb County team, was told that there would be a heavy media presence at the rally. "No one here had ever experienced that before. I certainly hadn't. That increased my nervousness about the day and about the event," says Goolsby.

He says members of the media were advised several times that they could only set up on the far right side o the Henagar Community Center, both inside and out. "We wanted the front of the building to be open and accessible."

Judge Moore's vehicle pulled around to the left side of the center, while he and another car pulled up to the front door. Goolsby says the cameramen rushed his car when he opened the door. "When they realized I wasn't Judge Moore, then they proceeded to hustle over to the side of the building."

That's when you see in the video Goolsby and another campaign member try to stop the cameramen. "The light from the camera spotlight hit me right square in the face," says Goolsby. "Just a reaction of protection and everything, I did reach out and push the light out of my face."

Bystanders of the scuffle say Goolsby did a little more than that. "You know physically grab and try to pull away at someone's camera," says Connor Sheets. "I couldn't really believe what I was seeing. He had to really fight to keep it looked like. I was concerned that it would fall on the ground or he would get hurt or someone would get hurt."

Goolsby says the security plan was advised by police and Roy Moore's personal security team. He says the incident would've never occurred if the media adhered to their rules.

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