Scottsboro schools are seeing a constant decline in student enrollment since 1980

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. - The Scottsboro Board of Education says that since 1980, enrollment in their schools has gradually declined. This information was brought to the attention of the board in last week's work session. "We wanted to see the actual true data of what that slow, steady decline looked like," says Dr. Jose Reyes, superintendent of Scottsboro city schools.

Over the last 20 years, Scottsboro schools lost around 15% of their student population. "You know for us as a school system, a loss of students comes with a loss of revenue from state, federal and local sources," says Dr. Reyes.

Economical factors like job opportunities, the cost of living and how many children are actually being born in a city, all contribute to the decline of students in these seats. "Whatever the climate is, the economic climate, then we have to react to that as a school system," says Dr. Reyes.

"Again try to see how we can better use the human resources, financial resources, our buildings, in such a way that we can provide the very best education that we can."

They haven't been advised for a solution, but they're starting to look at options. "Do we need to reconfigure our schools? Is it possible that we might need to consolidate schools? Maybe, maybe not."

Right now the Scottsboro Board of Education says they're just opening up the topic for discussion. The school district plans to host a few community events within the next few weeks to present this data and receive suggestions from the public.


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