Video of Student Being Bullied Draws Outrage from Parent

LIMESTONE COUNTY Ala. -- A video of a bullying incident at Ardmore High School, has Dana Dunn outraged that nothing was done to help her daughter.

"It's not a joke, it's not okay, it's not funny," Dunn said. "Why would you want to video somebody getting hurt?"

Brailee Christian

Her daughter, Brailee Christian, is a freshman at Ardmore High School. She says she was hit repeatedly by another student, as she tried to walk away.

"She just kept hitting me and kept hitting me. I asked her, I was like please stop." Christian said. "Do not hit me."

She said the incident happened on Monday, outside during a class change, when no adult supervisors were in the area.

"They happen a lot," Christian said. "We've already had three fights this year."

Christian said that after the fights, a video usually circulates the school.

"The person that's holding the camera and the people that are standing around laughing and joking about it, are just as guilty as the one swinging the punches," Dunn said.

Dunn said there need to be harsher punishments for fighting and filming the fights.

"We're just gonna suspend you from school," Dunn said. "What does that mean, I get to go home? Kids don't want to go to school anyway."

Dunn filed a complaint with the school. Limestone Schools officials say they are aware of the incident and dealt with it according to their policies.