300+ Marshall County votes not counted in August election because of error

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. -- A little more than 300 votes were not counted in Marshall County after the August U.S. Senate primary election.

The chairperson of the Marshall County Alabama Democratic Party notified county officials about the discrepancy in October. Probate Judge Tim Mitchell says nearly 300 Republican votes and around 30 Democrat votes from Boaz weren't counted.

Boaz has one polling location. There are both paper and electronic records of the votes from the machines. There was an issue with the electronic report from one of the two machines at that location. "What happened was the thumb drive that's in the machine that has the votes recorded on it was evidently removed from the machine before the machine shut completely down. So it corrupted the thumb drive," Mitchell explained.

Mitchell said that error led to the votes not being counted. "We relied on the thumb drive when we input all of those on election night, and we just relied on that total instead of checking all of them to the print out."

Now, officials changed the policy. "Once we accumulate all of the totals from the thumb drives we're going to go back and compare it to all of the tapes from all of the machines."

That's how it was done before, but at random. Now the results, both electronic and paper, will be compared on each machine.

Marshall County officials say they don't have any concerns for this upcoming election. Judge Mitchell says the issue did not have any impact on the outcome of the election, and says local representatives from both the Republican and Democratic parties have not raised concerns.