When opposing roads collide

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – As you travel down War Eagle Drive the road intersects with Roll Tide Lane. The neighborhood is unique, to say the least. "It's almost like in college football. You have to go through Auburn in order to get to Tuscaloosa," college football fan Kelvin Spencer said.

If you're a college football fan you know Roll Tide and War Eagle are words that don't mix. Spencer is in town visiting his family who resides on Roll Tide Lane.

Spencer remembers when his daughter called him to explain exactly where she lived. "When she said, 'hey dad I live on Roll Tide Lane,' I said okay I guess you're not far from War Eagle. She said, 'no actually I'm at the corner of both.' I said oh yeah I can't believe it until I see it," Spencer explained.

Spencer is personally not a Bama or Auburn fan. "I'm a University of Georgia football fan because that is where we are from," Spencer said.

Though he won't be supporting either team, Spencer said he will definitely be watching the Iron Bowl on Saturday.

"To me, the road to the football playoffs is going to go through either Alabama or through Auburn. In order for my Georgia Bulldogs to be in the College Football Hall of Fame, " Spencer said.

Spencer said he can't wait to see how the game will turn out.

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