Tailgates and families divided over the Iron Bowl Rivalry

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AUBURN, Ala. - While the rivalry is as fierce as it gets on the gridiron, there are also moments of sincere friendship during pre-game festivities between all the fans.

Huntsville native Todd Westbrook first formed their north Alabama tailgate group about eight years ago.

“It’s in the center of everything and it’s just a great spot,' said Westbrook.

When you've been doing it as long as he has, you pick up a few tricks of the grilling trade.

“Having a young person do it instead of doing it yourself. That is by far the most important factor going on here,' said Westbrook.

Most Saturdays, it's a sea of orange and blue in the heart of campus, but on Iron Bowl Saturday, there are unmistakable pockets of deep crimson.

"Just a lot better atmosphere," explained Blake Boyanton.

The divide is especially prevalent in the Boyanton family. Russ, Blake's father, is an Auburn grad and fan, but his son somehow ended up a Tide fan.

"Yeah it’s a choice," said Blake. "The wrong choice, but yeah a choice," joked Russ.

Russ said he thought he did everything right as an Auburn Dad.

“I’ve got pictures of him when he was about three years old in complete Auburn gear," said Russ.

He said Blake was persuaded by his uncles, fierce Alabama fans.

“I don’t know what happened, I’m thinking his mother dropped him or something," Russ said, with a grin.

Divided in loyalty, but united in love - not even this weekend can drive a wedge between this father and son.

“Last time I checked neither one of us put shoulder pads and helmets on so we’ve got on baring on the game whatsoever," Russ said.

However, don't think for a second that limits the smack talk.

“You know he is my son, so when he smarts off, I tell him, I can move you out," Russ joked.

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