Reunion management website owes local user hundreds of dollars

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - The Ardmore High School reunion went off without a hitch, except for one major detail. Jonathan Keenum, the president of the Class of 2007, had to front the money for the 10-year reunion after the website, Reunion Manager, failed to reimburse him the money collected by the class.

"I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I'm only out about $550 if you want to consider that lucky," Keenum said. "But some of the others I've talked to, one gentleman is out $1,500. Another one is actually out $5,000 plus."

Reunion Manager collected the individual payments then was supposed to turn the money over to Keenum to pay for the venue and caterer. The reunion was almost a month ago and Keenum has yet to receive any money.

"I tried to contact them and say, this is the day I'm supposed to be paid. Can you tell me what's going on? And at that point, I wasn't really getting any responses from them," Keenum said.

He said the company was responsive during the registration process, then went dark when he began asking for his payment.

"It's like they went into hiding, and I thought that was a little suspicious," Keenum said.

Keenum said his posts on the company's Facebook page asking about the money have been deleted. He added that he was later blocked from the page. He also said he went to the Reunion Manager message board to ask about the payment, and his posts there were also deleted before the message board completely shut down.

Keenum is not the only one with complaints. Review websites show others with the same issues.

"Not responding to not just me, but anybody," Keenum said. "You can call them right now and it will take you straight to a voicemail. It's just very suspicious."

For now, Keenum advises others to stay far away from Reunion Manager. Keenum and others have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau, police in Hingham, Massachusetts where the company is based, and the Massachusetts Attorney General. WHNT has also reached out to those agencies.

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