Alabama football fans dress to impress

DECATUR, Ala. – For the Houndstooth Twins, every Alabama football game is huge. That is why they dress to impress to show their school spirit.

"We started dressing like this the first year Saban was with Alabama when LSU came to our campus. They were all decked out you know showing their spirit and we're like we got to do something," Debbie Albano explained.

The sisters started dressing up like in the picture above 10 years ago. "Every year we get a few new outfits and my sister will call me up and say, 'Deb what are we wearing?'" Albano said.

The duo will sometimes expand into a trio. Debbie's husband Robin Albano is also known to join in on the fun.

"A lot of people are like you guys are the greatest, you are the best dressed, let me get my picture. Everybody wants pictures with my husband mostly, but we get in some pictures. Then you got the other people like oh my God what is wrong with them," Albano said.

No matter the number of stares, they both say they are just in it for the fun. They plan to be at the stadium ready to tailgate for the Iron Bowl starting at 6 a.m.