Saturday’s cold front: reinforcing the unusually dry weather pattern

Friday morning’s widespread freeze is likely the last ‘widespread’ one we get for a while. It gets chilly tonight but not as cold: lows around 37ºF to 42ºF. Clouds thickening from the northwest likely prevent frost even in the usually-colder communities overnight.

A cold front moves into the region Saturday morning: a lot of clouds passing through but no rain expected. The wind shifts from a light south breeze to a west-northwest breeze up to 20 miles per hour as the front slips past. You won’t notice much change in the weather behind it, though. The air coming in for Sunday is only cool enough to drop lows into the mid-30s and keep high temps around 60ºF.

Iron Bowl:

Alabama at Auburn: Jordan-Hare Stadium – 2:30pm – WHNT –

The Iron Bowl forecast looks good. Highs reach the mid-60s under a partly to mostly cloudy sky.

Expect middle 50s in the 4th quarter. No rain is in forecast. You can watch the game on WHNT News 19.

Bumping up above average: Twelve of the past fourteen days have featured below-average temperatures. The first seven days of the month were way above average: +11ºF (above the 30-year average at Huntsville International).

‘Average’ is dropping faster and faster, but the weather pattern we have ahead of us basically keeps us at the status quo: highs in the lower 60s, lows in the 30s and 40s (with a few slightly warmer/cooler days sprinkled in). The ‘average’ high drops from 59.8ºF to 57.8ºF over the next six days; while that doesn’t seem like a lot, it means our weather relative to the norms will look warmer than it really is.

The developing pattern is known as a ‘zonal flow:’ the jet stream is lined up west-to-east over the Continental United States. It lasts through at least the first week of December.

West-to-east zonal flow over the US through early December

Occasionally with this kind of pattern we get some rainfall, but it’s generally light and free of any real risk of severe weather. As of now, the only rain we see at all comes Wednesday and Thursday with a weak front before the zonal flow gets firmly established.

When does the crazy late Fall weather start again? The west-to-east, ‘zonal’ flow in November and early December doesn’t usually bring a lot of attention-grabbing weather, but we’re seeing signs of a shift back to much colder weather around the December 9-15 time frame.

Severe weather? Snow? Just some soaking rain? No way to know about that right now, but you can bet it won’t stay this dry and quiet much longer.