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Liberty Middle School takes on Iron Bowl rivalry

MADISON, Ala. -- It's the week leading up to the Iron Bowl and the big game is the talk of the town. Madison City Schools has decided to get into the team spirit.

It's usually all about Lion Pride at Liberty Middle School, but Tuesday teachers came together for their annual Iron Bowl tailgate.

"Liberty's a family, and all families have rivalries. It's Alabama and Auburn graduates, and we have fun with it here at Liberty," said Computer Science teacher Jodi Jones. Jones is an Auburn graduate and a big fan, but, "Unfortunately I think there's a few more Alabama fans than Auburn in the building," she said.

First-year Liberty principal Shannon Brown has a special connection to Alabama, making this year's tailgate even more exciting.

"He was a great team captain at Alabama, and he has come into Liberty and he is a great team leader for our school," she said.

Principal Brown was a defensive lineman, 1995 team captain, and a member of the 1992 National Championship team under Coach Gene Stallings.

"Had the opportunity to spend some time there at the Capstone, played a little football, and had some fun. You know obviously a great experience, but you know it's a very special time of year," said Jones.

Despite his background, he doesn't think it changes the way his students see him.

"I do wear my Alabama stuff from time to time, and the kids you know most of them understand, or I think they do, but you know I don't want that to be their focus. I want their focus on being the best that they can be," said Brown.

But that doesn't mean you won't hear his team spirit from time to time.

"Roll Tide," he said.