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Doug Jones uses campaign stops in Huntsville to refute claims by Moore and the President

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Democratic Candidate for Senate Doug Jones spent much of Tuesday in Huntsville.

Jones began his afternoon talking to leaders in the Space and Defense industry.

For a very brief period after that event, he answered about a half a dozen questions from reporters, mostly aimed at refuting points made by both President Trump and Roy Moore's campaign.

Jones immediately dismissed remarks made by President Trump that he was weak on crime, touting his experience as a U.S. Attorney for Alabama.

“My record speaks for itself, I know my record on crime and criminal justice issues, I know my record on everything else," said Jones during the news conference.

He also declined to use labels for Roy Moore but says he still stands by Moore's accusers.

"I’m not going to call names, I’m not going to label people, I believe their stories," Jones stated.

Roy Moore remained in the spotlight at the Senate Candidate Forum, Tuesday night at First Missionary Baptist Church in North Huntsville, even though Moore wasn't actually present for the event.

"Roy Moore is applying a for a job. He can’t seem to hold one," Jones told the crowd.

Organizers reiterated multiple times that Roy Moore was invited, but never responded to their invitation.

“Down here we’ve got a saying, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. I don’t know about a third one it never gets that far," Jones told the crowd, in reference to Moore being removed from office twice as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.

Jones also countered claims by the Moore campaign, that he would be weak on national defense.

“Use the same old same old, blah blah blah, that he’s weak on defense, bologna! I’ve got a family, I’ve got granddaughters, and I’m going to protect them folks," he said.

Jones also answered questions submitted by the audience, on topics ranging from reforming ObamaCare to community policing.

“I think access to healthcare is a fundamental right in this country and we need to make sure everyone has it," said Jones.

“We need more of them shooting hoops on the streets with these kids. We need to let them know that police officers are not just there to prosecute, they are not just there to take you to jail," he later stated.

Through it all, Jones tried to make the pitch that he may be running as a Democrat but can be a candidate for all viewpoints.

“You do not have to compromise principles in order to compromise to get things done on specific issues," he told the crowd.

Jones also acknowledged, that while the intensity of the campaign may ramp up in the final weeks, he hopes to keep talking about the issues.

“They’ve finally started calling me names, and I expected that I’ve been called names before, but we’re going to stay true,” Jones told the crowd.

WHNT News 19 hoped to ask Mr. Jones questions after the forum, but his schedule wouldn't permit.

We'll continue to try to push both candidates for answers on the issues you care about, as we inch closer to Election Day, December 12th.