Thornhill Farm Christmas Trees is now open after a year of recovery

ROSALIE, Ala. - Homes and businesses are still picking up the pieces from what was left after tornadoes struck Rosalie back in November of 2016. Thornhill Farm was one of those businesses and is now open after a year of recovery. "It took everything away from us that we'd worked for and built up," says the owner, Skyler Ramage.

The tornado damaged not only their trees, but it destroyed their new wedding barn. "We won't be doing that anymore. We put a lot into it and it's just too much to go back and do it again," says Ramage.

They lost a large piece of their farm. "It's kind of been a landmark to people, I would think." The love and support of the community are playing a huge role in its recovery. "We've seen that this year they are coming back to see us and they're glad we're open and really happy because it's a family tradition."

The farm opened last weekend and Ramage says they're excited to bring that family tradition to their community again. "We've had people have brought their kids and their kids are bringing their kids, and so it's turned into a good family Christmas thing."

He says they're still continuing to build on Thornhill Farm to get the landmark back to where it once was.