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Planning to deep-fry that turkey? Here’s what you need to know

ALBERTVILLE, Ala. - Folks are getting ready to cook up a storm for the holidays and deep-frying is a popular way to get that turkey cooked for the big day.

That crispy deliciousness comes with a few hazards that fire officials want you to think about if you're planning to cook your turkey this way.

First of all, and we can't stress this enough, thaw the turkey! "Make sure your turkey is completely thawed," said Albertville Assistant Fire Chief Jason Beam. "If your turkey is not thawed the grease will boil out of the pot and it will hit an open flame and it will catch on fire."

You are going to need a lot of grease and it needs to be hot. "The big thing with turkeys is to make sure your grease is hot enough," explained Beam. "At least 350 degrees."

And using that much grease can be a hazard in itself, so it's very important to "make sure you have the adequate equipment to properly cook your turkey," Beam added.

And here's a big one - deep-frying your turkey needs to be done outside. "It will catch your house on fire, catch you on fire, burn you, send you to the hospital." So be sure to cook on a surface that can't catch fire. "Maybe asphalt, concrete, even ground that is clear of leaves or any other combustibles this time of year."

The goal is to make sure that the turkey makes it safely to the table, and so do you.