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Huntsville International Airport gives last golden Iron Bowl tickets away to a lucky winner

ATHENS, Ala. --  As part of its 50th-anniversary celebrations, Huntsville International Airport decided to give away 50 tickets to Alabama and Auburn games, with 12 pairs of tickets going to the Iron Bowl. The odds were one in 500 but Monday, one lucky winner received the final pair of Iron Bowl tickets.

Huntsville International Airport public relations manager Jana Kuner says they've been going across the Tennessee Valley to give everyone a chance at the five pairs of iron bowl tickets. "We've been across the region in Huntsville, Decatur on Saturday and now here in Athens today, and we've got 500 bags that look like this," Kuner said while holding up small blue and white bags.

Inside those bags, there was just one golden ticket. Kuner says seeing people's reaction to finding the tickets has been a great experience. "One woman came out and she came with the intent to win it for her son-in-law because he had built a ramp for his father-in-law who is a disabled vet, and she thought this is a way we can pay him back."

Monday's golden ticket winner, Colin Holladay, says luck is what drove him to stop by after work and see if his streak would continue. "You know I kinda had a hunch, just from I've been random, won weird things like this before, so this is awesome to be able to win it."

This year Holladay, an Alabama fan, will enjoy the Iron Bowl as an alumni making it extra special. "I graduated from there this summer, this past summer, and I got married this summer as well so my wife and I will be going down there."

If you are still looking for Iron Bowl tickets, don't forget and Enter to Win with WHNT. The winner will be picked Tuesday, November 21.