UPDATE: Another study planned for Whitt Haven subdivision to address flooding problem

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. -- Residents of Madison County's Whitt Haven subdivision are no stranger to flooding issues. They have brought their concerns to Madison County Commissioner Phil Vandiver, and now, though it might not be the answer residents are looking for, he's doing something about it.

District 4 Commissioner Vandiver knows Whitt Haven residents are frustrated, but it's going to take a little more patience. The Commission has authorized another study to try and solve the flooding problem. "To provide Smith Engineering the funds to do the study, to see where we can route water to help in the Whitt Haven subdivision," he said.

This study will cost $8,000 from the District 4 budget. Commissioner Vandiver said, "We're looking at some options, what we can do. Maybe direct water a different direction? But we've got to work with some landowners that will join it, and right now I'd rather have the conversation with them."

Another study might not be what residents want, but it's a step to a more concrete solution.

"I've got to make sure that the money that we spend is going to work, and solve the situation to begin with," said Vandiver. And while he too wants to work this out, he said he also has to be responsible with the county's money.

"If we go out and spend money that's not going to solve the problem, that's not going to help anybody out. So we're looking to make sure that the engineering will work, the water flow will work right, and then we can move forward with it," Vandiver explained.

Commissioner Vandiver has been working on a solution since 2016, conducting two previous studies on the subdivision.