“It’s a miracle we are still alive”: Lawrence County residents count their blessings following storms Saturday

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. — April Moyers has lived in her home for 16 years on County Road 140. Her home is now unsuitable to live in due to storms Saturday night.

"It was probably between 5:30 and 6. I heard a loud noise. I jumped real quick and came running in and all at once the wind just came. We didn't really have any warning," Moyers explained.

"My husband was at the other end in the living room. He heard this noise went to the door and the wind just gusted him. He hit the floor. The whole roof was off in just a little bit of time. It was just silent and black," Moyers said.

Their home wasn't the only one damaged along County Road 140. More than a dozen were in need of repair.

"The wind started roaring and blowing just like a train," William Summers said. The strong winds forced a tree to come crashing down on Summers' home.

He said everyone escaped the home unharmed, but the family cat is still missing. He's still counting his blessings. "We are just thankful the Lord took care of us and we are still here to talk about it," Summer said.

It's something Moyers agrees with. "It's a miracle we are still alive. It's been a pretty emotional day here, that's about all I can tell you. But we have had a lot of help. I'm just grateful for that," Moyers said.

Moyers plans to stay with her son for the time being. She's hopeful her renter's insurance will help cover everything damaged.