Scottsboro started work on the BB Comer Bridge Sculpture

SCOTTSBORO, Ala. - The former BB Comer bridge is closer to being turned into a piece of art.

The BB Comer Bridge imploded back in 2016, leaving many devastated about the removal of a landmark, which had been around since 1931.

Scottsboro High School paired with the city and a Huntsville sculptor  to bring life back into the bridge.  The process can move forward after the city council granted access or permission to cutting the bridge into pieces.

"It's a memorial to something that was a cherished memory for a lot of these people and that's why it's important. It's important to do something they'll appreciate," says Glenn Dasher, sculptor of the project.

Dasher started cutting pieces from the bridge to take back to his studio. "The other part will move to a big steel company here so I can work on it there." He says it's the largest project he's worked on. "The city is going to haul in all the earth," says Dasher. "Do all the earth work. We have a contractor that's willing to do the concrete for the footings."

Forming the sculpture will take about six months. "Probably around February when we'll put it in place. And then the process of building the interior skin which will actually make the pyramid come to life will then take place after that," says Dasher.

It'll take the shape of a pyramid with the BB Comer Bridge piece acting as the face of the pyramid. "It's been amazing the enthusiasm the community has shown already. They've put a great deal of trust in me."

Dasher says it's an honor to be able to bring back an important icon to the city.