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Alabama GOP stands behind Moore through recent sexual misconduct allegations

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The Alabama GOP has released a statement on their position regarding Roy Moore and the U.S. Senate election, a full week after the first allegations of sexual misconduct, including sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl were published. Terry Lathan, ALGOP Chairman, said they will be standing by their party candidate.

The party issued the following statement, which we’ve included in its entirety:

“On Wednesday evening, the Alabama Republican Party Steering Committee, comprised of 21 members, met to discuss the events and circumstances regarding the December 12 U.S. Senate race.”
“The ALGOP Steering Committee supports Judge Roy Moore as our nominee and trusts the voters as they make the ultimate decision in this crucial race.”
“Judge Moore has vehemently denied the allegations made against him. He deserves to be presumed innocent of the accusations unless proven otherwise. He will continue to take his case straight to the people of Alabama.”
“There is a sharp policy contrast between Judge Moore, a conservative Republican who supports President Trump, and the liberal Democrat who will fight and thwart the agenda of our president. We trust the Alabama voters in this election to have our beloved state and nation’s best interest at heart.
“Alabamians will be the ultimate jury in this election- not the media or those from afar.”
“We are very grateful for the multitudes that have reached out to us with support and prayers. We ask God to guide us, politically and personally, with His mighty strength and wisdom. In turn, we also pray that justice and truth will prevail for all involved in this situation.”