Yet more accusations made against Senate candidate Roy Moore

GADSDEN, Ala. - More developments and revelations Wednesday involving U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore.  New accusations,  demands for the yearbook Judge Moore is said to have signed, and an emergency meeting of high-ranking members of the state Republican party.

It's been a blistering week for Judge Moore, and Wednesday was no exception. Moore says the attack on his campaign is nothing more than a political witch hunt. Meanwhile, new accusers have come forward in the case.

Gadsden resident Tina Johnson tells our news partner she was groped by Judge Moore during a visit to his Gadsden law office in 1991. Moore would have been married at that time.

Johnson, who says she was 28 then, says she and her mother had gone to Moore's office for help with a child custody matter and claimed Moore flirted with her during the entire visit. She says as they were leaving, Moore grabbed her backside.

The Moore campaign has yet to respond to this latest allegation. But, an attorney for Moore is demanding access to the yearbook that another accuser claims he autographed for her.

During a news conference Wednesday afternoon, attorney Phillip Jauregui told reporters, ”Judge Moore says there's no way in the world that's his handwriting."

Beverly Nelson presented the yearbook purporting to show Moore's signature at a news conference with attorney Gloria Allred this week. She claimed Moore attacked her after offering her a ride home from the restaurant where she worked after school.

Moore claims the autograph is a forgery and proof of the deception intended to derail his campaign and wants a handwriting expert to analyze the handwriting.

“Look at the 77 after Merry Christmas...  Do you think it was written by the same person?” Jauregui asked reporters.

Allred says she would agree to have an independent expert examine the yearbook after a Senate committee agrees to conduct a hearing into the allegations against Moore.

“In the event that either or both committees agree to conduct our requested hearing, we would agree to have the original yearbook examined by an independent expert,” Allred said during a call with reporters Wednesday afternoon. She says Mrs. Nelson has agreed to testify before under oath about the incident before the Senate committee and challenged Moore to do the same.

Moore's attorney, meanwhile, says they want to have their own handwriting analyst look at the yearbook in preparation for a lawsuit against the Washington Post and those he says have falsely accused him of wrongdoings.

Wednesday evening, the Washington Post published another story, and there are more allegations. One woman tells the reporters Moore approached her in the Sears store where she worked after school, and asked her out. She declined but says days later Moore called her - at school - and again asked for a date. Gena Richardson says she did eventually go out with Moore, but only once after she says he forced her to kiss him.