Roy Moore, through attorney, “demands” release of yearbook that Moore allegedly signed, wants analysis done

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Roy Moore’s campaign called a news conference Wednesday afternoon, attempting to cast doubt on allegations that he sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl in Etowah County in 1977.

Moore did not show up to the news conference to defend himself, instead sending Campaign Chair Bill Armistead and Attorney Phillip Jauregui. Jauregui served as counsel of record for Judge Moore during the Ten Commandments and same-sex marriage cases, and was chairman of Judge Moore’s 2000 campaign for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.

On Monday, Beverly Young Nelson told a vivid account of an alleged sexual assault outside of an Etowah County restaurant. She says Moore flirted with her often, signed her yearbook, then sexually assaulted her in his car after offering her a ride home.

Jauregui says both said Beverly Young Nelson and her attorney Gloria Allred told reporters that Nelson had never seen nor had any other contact with Roy Moore. However, Jauregui says Nelson had divorce proceedings in front of him in Etowah County. WHNT News 19 was not immediately able to locate court records confirming this, but there are a few variables, including the year of the hearing, whether it was digitally recorded, and her name at the time, that might make the records more difficult to unearth. We’ll continue pushing on that front.

Gloria Allred notes that her client has already offered to testify under oath before multiple Senate committees, adding, “In the event that either or both Committees agree to conduct our requested hearing, then we would agree to have the original yearbook examined by an independent expert or experts who would obtain exemplars of Mr. Moore’s handwriting during the period in question and compare that handwriting to that contained in the yearbook.”

Moore, according to Jauregui, says he did not sign the yearbook in question. The attorney demanded that Gloria Allred release the yearbook to a neutral party so that handwriting experts could analyze it in person.

Jauregui pointed people to look at the multiple 7’s in the yearbook signature, saying they look like they were written by different people. He also asserted that Moore never signed his name with the title D.A. after it as it appears in the yearbook. He says Moore’s assistant used to stamp documents with D.A., which were his initials.

After floating their questions, no one from the campaign took any questions from the gathered media.