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District Six Madison County Commission seat awaiting appointment from Governor Ivey

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. -- The future of the District Six Madison County Commission seat is up in the air, as the commission faces the loss of veteran Commissioner Bob Harrison. It is now up to Governor Kay Ivey to fill that seat with an appointment.

Legislation states that if Governor Ivey appoints someone to the position in the next 30 days, before January 9th, then that person will have to run in the 2018 election to keep the seat. If she makes the appointment after January 9th, then they will serve the remainder of Commissioner Harrison's term, and be up for election in 2020.

In their first meeting since the passing of Commissioner Harrison, the Madison County Commission recognized the empty seat at their table. "While it is tough what has gone on in the last couple of weeks, and the loss of Commissioner Bob Harrison, we understand that we've got to move forward. The Governor understands that," explained Chairman Dale Strong.

Chairman Strong said District Six is critical to the commission. He thinks Gov. Ivey's appointment will come soon.

"It's my understanding from communications in Montgomery that they're accepting letters from people that are seeking potentially being appointed to this," he said.

Strong said this is the first time in his 22 years on the Commission that they've lost a sitting commissioner. He said they'll work through this, and in the meantime, Strong said District Six is in good hands.

"He has a dedicated staff that the people of District Six know. Our county administrator, our chief financial officer, are in constant communication," he explained.

Commissioner Harrison served on the commission for more than 12 years. His seat is one that will be hard to fill, and follow.

"There are so many vital issues going on in District Six, we want to be sure that we get the right man or woman to serve for that term to finish out until the next election," Strong continued, "This commission will welcome whoever joins this commission with open arms. We'll work with them in any way."

As of right now there are about 12 to 16 people who are seeking the District Six seat. Chairman Strong suggests that anyone who is interested in the appointment submit resumes to the Governor's office in the next couple of days.