Vandalism and a BB Gun: Two juveniles arrested for separate incidents at DeKalb County Schools

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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. – Two juveniles have been arrested in connection with two separate incidents at two DeKalb County Schools.

The DeKalb County Sheriff SRO was called for a possible burglary at Fyffe School on Monday. When the SRO arrived on campus, he discovered a broken classroom window; several classrooms had been vandalized and some of the boards had graffiti.

The school’s security system caught a juvenile on camera committing the vandalism. The Sheriff’s Office confirmed that a juvenile was arrested Tuesday and referred to the Juvenile Probation Office.

The Sheriff’s Office confirmed that another juvenile was arrested for bringing a BB pistol into Crossville Middle School on Monday. When the incident happened, the principal and SRO were involved and the student was detained and taken to Coosa Valley Detention Center.

The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office has been working closely on both incidents with Superintendent Dr. Barnett.

“We take these kinds of incidents very seriously, especially with what is happening in Schools and places around the world,” said Chief Deputy Edmondson. “Our children are precious and we do everything that we can to protect them.”