Man accused of human trafficking in Lauderdale County pleads guilty, will serve life in prison

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. - Corey Davis entered a guilty plea today moments before his human trafficking trial was set to begin. He did so just before the jury was called to hear opening statements.

Prosecutors called the evidence in the case involving the kidnapping, rape and torture of three women horrific. "What`s more troubling is we know what he did to those three victims," said Angie Hamilton, Lauderdale County Assistant District Attorney. "What we don't know, is how many more victims are out there that never came forward."

Hamilton described Davis as leading a double life in June of 2016. "The way that he was able to go to work everyday, go home to his family, leave his family in the middle of the night to go and commit these horrific acts, I don`t know what you call that," said Hamilton.

Investigators say Davis would meet his victims on the internet. He'd lure them to Lauderdale County, promising money for sex. Deputies found the first victim tied up in the basement of an abandoned home, because of a noise complaint. "I believe she was left there to die," said Hamilton. "I believe his crimes were progressing."

Sentencing for Corey Davis is set for December 6th. The plea agreement says Davis will be sentenced to concurrent life sentences with the possibility of parole. He'll also have to finish a sentence in Colbert County on an unrelated theft charge. He was on parole in that case at the time of his arrest.