Pets get cold too, remember to take safety precautions for animals during colder weather

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - As temperatures continue to drop this fall season, it's important that pet owners protect their animals. "You have dogs and some cats too with very short coats and they get very cold just like us," says Karen Buchanan, animal care supervisor.

Huntsville Animal Services says animals that are usually kept outside should be brought indoors. "If you can't bring them inside the house, at least put them in some type of shelter where they have at least three walls to protect them," says Buchanan.

Your pets eat more in the winter months in order to store fat to help keep them warm so having enough food and water for them is also important. "People don't think about when it gets really cold and freezing temperatures and the water freezes in a metal bucket, their tongue could stick to that metal bucket. So plastic bowls during the winter time might be better."

Always check your animal's paws or feet for any signs of injury. Buchanan says things like whining, shivering or even weakness could be a sign of frostbite or hypothermia. "It may be cold outside as far as the temperature, but sometimes the wind chill factor makes it even colder," says Buchanan.

As we bundle ourselves up this fall season, let's not forget to take that extra moment to make sure our pets are warm as well.