Four cases of counterfeit traveler’s checks showed up in Albertville stores

ALBERTVILLE, Ala. — Not one, but four cases of counterfeit traveler’s checks showed up in Albertville recently, and investigators want to know where they came from and who is making them.

Albertville Police investigators say it all started at a Family Dollar in Albertville, when a customer came in and made a small purchase. “But used a $100 dollar traveler’s check, which was taken. Of course, they were given change in currency,” Chief Jamie Smith said.

Then it happened again at the same store. “A period of time later the same guy comes in. Same M.O. Makes a small purchase and pays with a $100 American Express traveler’s check,” Smith said.

This didn’t just happen at one location, it happened at two. The purchase at the Family Dollar happened last week. Then again this week, the counterfeiters struck again. “The offenders went into Goody’s here in town. Presented counterfeit American Express traveler’s checks and actually made two transactions there as well,” Smith said.

Smith added it appears to be a group working together, because both situations were so similar. “The difference is the first one at the Family Dollar was a male who made the purchase. The second one was a female,” Smith explained.

So far, there’s no description of the people who passed the checks, only that the man drove a red van.

“We’re basically trying to get the word out,” Smith said, “If someone comes in and presents a traveler’s check, please be careful. Be cautious, learn the security codes that are on the traveler’s check. Always ask for ID.”

Albertville Police investigators ask that if you saw something unusual or are a business owner and someone passed a traveler’s check, call the department.