Cheap vs. pricey magnetic eyelashes…are they worth it?! We test them with a pro!

The holiday season is arriving, and with that comes holiday parties!

And when you're trying to dress up, false lashes are *the way* to take your glam to the next level.

Stephanie Ellis is a makeup artist at Terrame Salon in Huntsville, and she knows a thing or two about glamming up! When it comes to lashes, there are several options.

"A lot of people are used to the strip lashes," Ellis said. "To me, the strip lashes are a little heavy, I always recommend the individual lashes."

But the newest trend in lash technology is...magnets! No glue required, you just sandwich your natural lash line in between two false lashes and the magnets hold them together.

"I've seen them pop up on Instagram, on Facebook, I've never tried them on my own," Ellis said.

We buy two pairs of magnetic lashes-- "One Two Lash" comes with two pairs for $70, and "Dolpha Lash" is one pair for $12.

We do a blind test, so she doesn't know which brand she's trying on.

The first pair she tries on are the more expensive lashes. They have one magnetic piece in the middle of each lash.

Laying the lash can be tricky, and it certainly takes practice! But for this first try, it takes her at least 15 minutes, and several adjustments, for her to get on *one* set.

"They're definitely gonna be a lot longer than your natural lash so you're going to want to build up your mascara beforehand," Ellis notes.

The second, less expensive pair, goes on the second eye. The main difference is the placement of the magnets-- two on each lash's outer edge.

She places them correctly on the *first* try.

"The second one was definitely a lot easier to apply with the magnets being on each end of them, it helps the lash kind of stick together a little bit easier," Ellis said.

And when we revealed which lashes were more expensive, she was definitely surprised, but stood by her choice!

"I definitely like the lashes that I chose a lot better," she said. "They're a lot easier to apply, and they feel a lot more durable. They're staying where they need to stay."

Ellis said she'd even recommend the magnetic lashes over strip glue-on lashes. "The magnetic lashes are probably gonna be a lot better and a lot easier for kind of the everyday person who's wanting more of a dramatic look.'"

So, the next time you have a holiday party, lash up!