Huntsville-Madison County annual Veterans Day Parade allows citizens to say thank you

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Happy Veterans Day! And to all those who have served, or are currently serving, thank you. Our American heroes deserve more than a day of recognition, but Madison County makes sure it's a very special day of honoring our veterans.

David McElhaney spent the morning passing out American flags for the Huntsville-Madison County Veterans Day parade.

"It's easy enough to say when you see someone that's been in the service, hey thanks for your service. But we need to do more, we need to reach out and touch people more, so this is a really small token of our gratitude to give back to the community," he explained.

Brittany Wallace and her two kids attend the parade every year. Her grandfather was a Korean War veteran who passed away recently. For her Veterans Day is about, "Being able to honor those, it's not much, but just to teach my kids that these are the people who have fought for them and protected them, so they're able to come to the parade and enjoy things like this."

And like Wallace, for Linda Rickabaugh, it's a family affair. Her husband, son, daughter and son-in-law have all served.

"And this is our little, hopefully, future Airman, Theo," she said, introducing her grandson.

When service runs deep in a family like the Rickabaugh's, Veterans Day becomes even more meaningful. "It chokes me up right now because I think of everyone that has lost someone and everyone that has given up so much, to be over there so that we can be where we are now. I am just forever grateful," she said.