State Republican Party Leader reacts to allegations against Roy Moore

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore testifies before the Court of the Judiciary on Sept. 26, 2016.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – U.S. Senate Candidate Roy Moore is the focus of serious allegations following a Washington Post article which alleges the Alabama Republican initiated a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl in 1979.

Alabama Republican Vice Chairman Sam Givhan weighed in on the newspaper’s article, the allegations and what it could mean for the man vying for a US senate seat.

We asked Givhan a number of questions. His response to a few of them is listed below.

Reaction to the article

“Well, I’m surprised,” Givhan said. “I mean I have not read the article yet. As I told several people that this wasn’t on my agenda today to address this. So, it’s been quite a surprising afternoon. My initial reaction was, you know after all these years, it was just kind of surprising to me. It strikes me as odd. Very suspicious because it’s not like he was an unknown brand. I mean, Judge Moore has been twice elected Alabama Chief Justice. He’s twice run for governor. Obviously this election’s been going on for quite some time. Then, here we are, conveniently a month before the election and then we get this story, it’s like ‘Wow, wait a minute that’s quite interesting, you know.'”

Article’s impact on Moore’s campaign

It’s got to have an affect on him,” Givhan said. “I mean the voters have got to make their decision about it. This is something that they think is real, or is this something that they think is, you know, contrived and conveniently timed shortly before the election that doesn’t allow for a proper response. I think that’s still too early to tell.”

Role of Alabama State GOP Executive Committee and helping Moore manage the allegations

“The AL GOP is working with Judge Moore on his campaign,” Givhan said. “It’s not going to be like AL GOP is going to be telling him what to do. The state party’s going to be directing him how to act when in terms of his campaign. So, that’s a strictly a Moore decision to handle.”

Impact to Alabama GOP

I don’t know that it has any impact in general,” Givhan expressed. “I mean there’s allegations that have been made; allegations have been made about people of both parties before.”