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Jackson County Sheriff’s Office joins the Alabama Regional Drug Task Force

JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. - Alabama created a new regional drug task force across the state, grouping agencies together to help fight drugs. "Our group is the F group, and it involved other counties, other police departments and it's actually supervised by ALEA," says Sheriff Chuck Phillips of the Jackson County Sheriff's Office.

The state divided up $1 million among the agencies to help support the training, time and equipment needed to help each other if a big case occurs. "We have two people dedicated to our drug unit, plus the chief deputy now that we're part of the regional unit and it gives us more man power, more people," says Sheriff Phillips.

Authorities say a regional unit like this one will be incredibly useful to smaller forces like the Jackson County Sheriff's Office. "With this we've got dedicated people that actually has experience working narcotics."

Drug cases can be seen any and everywhere. "Drugs are an issue in this whole country, not just this county," says Sheriff Phillips.

They're hoping that this new collaboration will help eliminate drug crimes across Northeast Alabama. "You're working a case that leads you two or three counties down. It gives us contact people; people that can work together that's been appointed to work together."