These reflective glasses claim to make it easier to watch TV or read a book while lying down

It seems there are so many products these days that just keep making it easier and easier for us to be lazy. Some of them can be useful and some of them can be pretty pointless.

The "Lazy Readers" are glasses with a built-in reflective mirror that, while wearing, direct your vision to a ninety-degree angle.

Whether you're sitting up or laying down they turn your view downward, eliminating the need for head movement.

The Lazy Readers claim to be a solution for people with limited mobility, or if you're just trying to prevent a crick in your neck!

We found readers to test these funky glasses-- where else? At the library.

"I really like science fiction, horror, I read a ton of comics, but I also read regular novels as well," said Jon Schafle, a local librarian.

"From where I am right now I can see the book in my looks like there's a little bit of magnification to them, so I'm able to read," he said.

But, there is a catch. The fine print on the box says these glasses should not be used for long periods of time.

"I imagine these could give you some pretty wicked headaches if you put them on for too long," Jon also noted. "They might be kind of fun but I don't see much practical use for them."

We thought the Lazy Readers were a cool concept-- to be laying in bed and be able to keep your head on the pillow and still be able to see either the TV or a book in your lap.

But if you can't wear them for more than a few minutes, what's the point?

They're a fun product and a novel idea, but they're not practical for much.

Deal or Dud verdict: Dud