Never-before-seen undercover footage emerges in Lawrence County murder-for-hire plot

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. - More details have emerged in the foiled murder-for-hire plot that landed a Town Creek woman, Sandra Treadway, in prison with a 60-year sentence.

It all started in November of 2015, when Sandra Treadway attempted to hire a hitman to murder Lyndsey Grindol, the mother of her grandson, in order to prevent her from gaining custody of the child.

After learning of her plan, authorities were able to conduct an undercover meeting with Treadway, where she unknowingly hired an undercover agent to commit the murder.

Now, more details have emerged from never-before-seen undercover texts, calls and footage from the Lawrence County Sheriff's office, and Crimewatch Daily.

The text messages show Treadway referring to the hitman as an exterminator taking care of her roach problem. Treadway can also be heard instructing the agent posing as a hitman to, "Make sure there's no mess."

Treadway also asked for a proof of death photo, requiring Grindol to pretend to die to convince Treadway the job was done.

(Photo: Crime Watch Daily)

"Had me lay down execution style from the back, and then they poured the blood on me and made it look like I was shot a few times in the back," Grindol said. "There aren't really any words to explain how I felt or what was going through my head at that time, except other than just there to protect my kids."

The undercover phone calls reveal the details of the planning of the hit.  "When it's completed, you know I'll meet with you with the money," Treadway said.  "Ok, well um I know she'll get back home around 8:30 or 9."

In a second undercover video, the agent meets Treadway for more of the payment, after sending the photo. In the video, Treadway can be heard thanking the agent for the hit she thinks took place.

Treadway was arrested when she arrived home, minutes after the meeting with the agent.

Since her sentencing, Treadway denied all of the charges and claimed it was all a setup.

"I was sentenced to 720 months in prison," Treadway said. "I'm 56-years-old, it's a death sentence."