Group of veterans aims to expand Arab Veterans Memorial, city looking to expand veterans museum

ARAB, Ala. -- Some veterans in Arab are working to expand the city's Veterans Memorial at Arab City Park, and the city is working to give them a site in the park to expand their Cost of Freedom Veterans Museum.

A group of veterans talked with the Arab City Council about expanding the Veterans Memorial at Arab City Park. "They'd like to add brick pavers in a circular path around that, recognizing the people who bled, died, and served in the military from this area," Mayor Bob Joslin said.

That's phase one. The second phase would be to add a historic artifact to go on display, but as for what, that isn't nailed down just yet.

The group operates the Cost of Freedom Veterans Museum in downtown Arab. "It's time to look for them a bigger place where they can display all of their military memorabilia that they have available, and there are tons of things that they don't have the space to display right now," Joslin said.

So the city is looking to create a new location at the city park. "I've been talking with Congressman Aderholt about helping us get a shell, a pre-engineered metal building, and a concrete slab out at our city park to where we could relocate them to that location and give them a venue to add to," Joslin explained.

If all goes according to plan the city won't be putting any local dollars toward this project. City leaders hope to get a grant to cover the museum expansion, and the group is hoping to improve the memorial with money from selling the pavers.

"We have a lot of veterans in this town, and they're very supportive, and our town's very supportive of veterans too," Joslin said.

Everything is in the beginning stages, but the City Council is on board with the group's plan to expand the memorial. The city doesn't have a location for the proposed building yet, but city leaders say it would fit well near the memorial at the park and give people easier access to the museum.