DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office is offering free concealed weapons courses

DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. - There's more to having a concealed weapon than just legally buying one. "The safety is one of the biggest things," says Chief Deputy Michael Edmondson.

The DeKalb County Sheriff's office is teaching gun safety through free concealed weapons courses to the community. "We're offering these classes to citizens of our county as a way to make them knowledgeable of their firearm," says Chief Deputy Edmondson.

Sessions will be broken down into a classroom lesson and a lesson at the range. "The classroom setting will be the laws and different things like weapon safety. We'll go over that in the classroom setting."

The range will provide a variety of hands-on experiences. "We'll continue our safety training there and also shooting. We'll let them shoot different weapons to see what they're more comfortable with or make them comfortable with their own."

If an emergency does occur and the use of a firearm is needed, the DeKalb County Sheriff's Office wants gun holders to be able to safely protect themselves without harming innocent bystanders as well. "We want anybody that's legal to have a firearm to have a firearm. The way times are we want people to be able to protect themselves."

Registration for the concealed safety courses is open until November 14th. Click here to learn more about how to register for these classes.