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Grissom parents bring concerns to city council representative

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Parental concern over issues at Grissom High School became an important topic at a community meeting Monday night.

District 3 Huntsville City Council Member Jennie Robinson had scheduled a meeting to provide updates on road construction and other infrastructure projects.  While those were discussed, community members also used the meeting as an opportunity to provide feedback about school safety.   Concerns over a threatening video from a student as well as fights at the school prompted some Grissom High School parents to withdraw their children from school on Friday.  

While at the meeting, School Board President Elisa Ferrell addressed the crowd, speaking to rumors that the race of students plays a role in disciplinary action, or lack thereof.

“We discipline the behavior, not the race of the child.  It doesn’t matter what their race is, it matters what their behavior is,” Ferrell said.  “And if principals are not going to do that, then principals are going to face some consequences because it’s time to fix this, time to take care of it, and time to make our schools safe places,” she said.

Council member Robinson said a public meeting will be set up in the future with Grissom’s principal, Superintendent Matt Akin, and other school officials to talk about school safety.

Earlier in the day Superintendent Matt Akin spoke about the recent issues at Grissom.  You can find more by clicking here.