Fall Back For The End Of Daylight Saving Time!

It’s time to fall back again! Daylight Saving Time ends at 2AM Sunday morning. Turn your clocks back one hour before heading to bed Saturday night, but remember that most smart phones will do this automatically nowadays.

The sunrise Sunday morning will now be at 6:11am and the sunset is at 4:49pm. If you think that’s an early sunset, remember that we also lose daylight hours as we approach winter. That means by the time the solstice arrives on December 21st the sun will be setting at 4:36 in Huntsville!


Why do we have Daylight Saving Time? There are a lot of answers to this question, but they all boil down to needing an extra evening hour in the summertime. When Daylight Saving Time ends, we lose the extra hour of evening that we gave ourselves back in the spring.

Of course, nature doesn’t change for Daylight Saving Time. That means the part of us that relies on natural cues like sunlight can get a little out of whack.

To stay sharp set a routine and stop hitting the snooze button. Sticking to a strict sleeping schedule will ‘train’ your mind and body to sleep and wake up at the right time more easily.