The Patton brothers help lead Huntsville to playoffs

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)- On Friday nights at Huntsville high school, the last name Patton can be heard over the P.A. system often.

"I always challenge them against each other," says Huntsville head coach Mark Fleetwood. "Stoney says he's strongest and Demario says he's the fastest."

Demario and Stoney Patton are not just brothers, they're teammates. Demario is a senior wide receiver for the Panthers while Stoney, a junior, plays running back.

"He's stronger," Demario admits. "I'm just faster."

His younger of the two has a different opinion.

"I know I'm stronger for sure but him faster than me? Nah," says Stoney. "Not on the football field. Maybe on the track."

The brothers grew up together playing ball and challenging each other like true siblings do.

"We always played in backyard and we were always on opposite teams," says Stoney. "That's how we started fighting because neither one of us likes to lose but as we grew up, we started playing with each other. The chemistry started growing and we just helped each other out from there."

Even though they're on the same side of the ball now, it's clear their rivalry hasn't lost its spark.

"I push him a lot because he`s a little lazy," Demario laughs. "So I have to push him to do better."

But If you ask Stoney, he says Demario is the lazy one.

"He always blames me for stuff he does. That's just part of being a younger brother I guess."

All in good fun. Together, the Patton brothers have helped lead Huntsville to its first playoff berth since 2013. Demario and Stoney have each racked up over 700 yards of offense this season along with a combined 17 touchdowns.

"That's what I've enjoyed with them more than anything," says Fleetwood. "Trying to do what they need to do to help the team win."

Before this season, the Panthers suffered plenty of losses and rotated several coaches. Through the ups, downs and changes the one constant over the years has been each other.

"It's very special, " says Stoney. It's just so much fun out there then going home it's fun arguing with him, competing with him. It's a great experience."