Madison County reaching out to veterans for employment opportunities

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – If you’re a veteran living in Madison county, the Madison County Personnel Department is looking for you!

The Personnel Department, located in the Madison County Courthouse, is reaching out to veterans looking for career opportunities. Personnel Director, Jermie Howell says it’s important to the county to give back to the men and women who have worn a military uniform.

“Madison county is known for our large number of retired military and veteran population,” said Howell. “I want Madison county to be known as a place where veterans go to work.”

Full-time positions are available with health benefits from Blue Cross Blue Shield, a walk-in employee clinic and State of Alabama retirement.

There are various positions to be filled ranging from clerk positions in the courthouse, to utility laborers.

If you would like more information about employment opportunities, contact the Madison County Personnel Department at (256) 532-3614 or visit their website to see job openings.