Bad Behavior: The latest on accusations of bad behavior in the Marshall County Jail

Innocent in Our Legal System

PFC Steven McDowell

"Innocent until proven guilty." Is that really the case? What happens when you’re innocent, arrested and headed to court? For Private First Class Steven McDowell, it meant facing a system that assumed the worst of him. The experience cost him thousands. McDowell faced the real possibility of incarceration. An arrest alone leaves an indelible mark, ruining career prospects.

Surveillance of the Burglar, and New Mugshot in the Case

Steven McDowell’s arrest was based on surveillance video of the crime. Police say McDowell looked like the man in the video. Our viewers saw it differently. When we presented McDowell’s picture next to the man in the video, comment after comment pointed out many differences between the two men.

District Attorney Robert Broussard

So does our system work for the innocent? Huntsville District Attorney Robert Broussard says, “In this case we got it right.” And they’d do it the same way if it happened again today. Broussard had a lot to say, including his thoughts on accusations of racial prejudice.

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