Fliers posted around Arab reading ‘It’s okay to be white’ cause a stir

ARAB, Ala. --  A number of fliers posted around the city of Arab caused a lot of talk around town and on social media. The papers read, 'It's okay to be white'.

Arab Police officers came on shift Wednesday morning and found the papers scattered throughout the city. They were mostly downtown and a local business owner called the department to tell officers about it. "They had one that was stuck to their window and one that was stapled to the telephone pole outside their business," said Assistant Chief Shane Washburn.

Officers took down six of them. Washburn said they are in violation of a city sign ordinance. "In order to post a sign on a business or any other structure you have to get the proper permit first. It's also restricted to put any signage on the telephone poles," Washburn explained.

In the past, fliers seeming to be from the Ku Klux Klan popped up around the city. Washburn doesn't believe this is the case here. "This here appears to be very crude, it appears to be homemade."

"We have had reports that on Halloween night there were some witnesses that saw several teenagers on Main Street posting fliers on some of the telephone poles, so we believe this may have been connected to that," Washburn continued.

Washburn added they haven't seen any more of the fliers around town since Wednesday.