Three juveniles arrested for stealing vehicles from car dealership service departments in Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Three juveniles have been arrested by the Huntsville Property Crimes Investigators in connection to burglary cases affecting two local car dealerships.

All three have been charged with these burglaries and multiple vehicle thefts.

Police say the accused are in their early through late teens, and one of them is too young to legally drive.

Meanwhile, all the stolen vehicles have been recovered, something investigators say is often difficult to do.

"It is rare," said Sgt. Jonathan Ware of HPD. "But that's a credit to the property crimes unit. They worked a lot of hours on this and connected a lot of different leads."

But there are still some answers they have left to uncover, like how teens could do this.

"We are still trying to figure that out," said Sgt. Ware, "and to figure out what they were going to do with the cars. That's just another piece of the investigation we're still working on because, what do children do with cars? They can't legally drive them. They can't legally sell them."

Police told us previously they believed that thieves took five cars from Bill Penney Toyota's service department in a night, and at least one from University Kia several weeks prior.

Zack Penney, the Vice President and General Manager of Bill Penney Toyota in Huntsville, told us thieves broke into the service area and took some keys to customers' cars.

Now, Penney said this has been a difficult situation for all involved, especially the customers who he said have been understanding. He is thankful for the investigators on the case.

Penney said he made the other dealerships aware of the situation when the thefts happened.

He added that the dealership has been trying to do all it can to help the affected customers.

While he believes the dealership was secure to begin with, he said they are now evaluating security measures and practices along with adding additional fencing with concrete barriers.

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