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Law enforcement say they’ve busted a counterfeit money operation in Jackson County

SECTION, Ala. -- The Section Police Department and the Jackson County Sheriff's Office arrested and charged two individuals in a counterfeit bill operation on Friday.

After Section Police got a tip that someone was trying to use a counterfeit bill at a local business, 24-year-old Connor Glass and 19-year-old Karla Kugler were pulled over and detained.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office obtained a search warrant and found a computer, printer, paper and ink used to make counterfeit money. In addition to the equipment, police found 20 dollar bills and 100 dollar bills totaling $1,800 of counterfeit money. A small amount of methamphetamine was also found.

Glass is charged with 33 counts of possession of a forged instrument, possession of a  forgery device, possession of controlled substances and promoting prison contraband in the first degree. Kugler is charged with 34 counts of possession of a forged instrument and possession of a forgery device.

Bond is set for Kugler at $172,500 and $180,000 for Glass. The suspects, both from Cullman, are still in the Jackson County jail.