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ESTES PARK, Colo. - The historic Stanley Hotel is getting a lot of buzz this Halloween. Is the hotel that inspired "The Shining" actually home to ghosts?

A couple from Aurora recently took a spooky photo capturing what might be a spectre on camera.

Did they capture a real ghost on camera at the Stanley Hotel?

John and Jessica Mausling were visiting the famous Estes Park landmark on a ghost tour when John snapped a photo of friends on the stairs.

Later, they spotted what looks like a blurry girl who wasn't there at the time.

The couple says the photo isn't doctored, just taken with an LG phone.




Our sister station FOX31 talked with the family about their eerie encounter.

John had only used his LG phone to snap a group pic of friends and family on the staircase. He said he never expected what would appear in the photo after. "I just couldn't believe it."

Skeptics said 'it was photoshopped' or altered. But John claims he barely knows how to use the apps on his phone. And once he gave the Huffington Post permission to use, a former FBI investigator left his remarks. "He analyzed it and said 'If this photo isn't doctored, this has got to be one of the best photos he's ever seen of paranormal activity or anything like that.'"

So, is it a ghost? "That`s all it can be (a ghost) cause she wasn't there and that's what I keep saying to myself."

At this point, it's just unexplained.

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