Spooktacular conditions in store for Halloween!

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After a bitterly cold weekend with temperatures dropping into the upper 20s/lower 30s at night followed by afternoon highs in the 50s, a gradual warm up will allow cool but tolerable conditions for Halloween in the Valley.

Southerly winds will bring mild temperatures to the Valley, and daytime highs will reach the mid-60s under a mostly sunny sky.


No umbrellas are necessary this year, though you may want to accessorize your costume with a warm layer or two.

Temperatures will slip back into the 50s shortly after sunset, so if you and your ghosts and goblins are planning to trick-or-treat during the traditional 7-8pm hour, it would be a good idea to grab a coat for costumes that consist of thin materials. Costumes that involve capes, wigs, hats and masks may fair a little more comfortably Tuesday evening.

Halloween Climatology

On average, daytime highs for Halloween are usually in the low 70s, and overnight lows dip to the mid-40s.

This year's forecast is a little more temperate compared to last year's Halloween, which set a record daily high for the holiday as thermometers reach the upper 80s/lower 90s.

Back in 1993, bitterly cold air caught up with enough atmospheric moisture to produce a few snowflakes for trick-or-treaters making the rounds on October 31 [editor's note: Meteorologist Christina Edwards was 9 years old at the time, and she wore a huge ski jacket over her genie costume. She vividly remembers the snowflakes and drinking hot water to stay warm].

The wettest Halloween occurred in 1951, when over two and a half inches of rain fell in Huntsville.

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