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The Garage at Clinton Row reveals its final store

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala -- The final shop to join The Garage at Clinton Row has been revealed. J. Kennedy Clothing Company is filling the last vacancy at The Garage in downtown Huntsville.

Downtown HSV New Shop revealed logo clues on Instagram

Owners Anusha Alapati and Meagan Tortorigi have been revealing clues to the store on social media and unveiled the logo for their business at the Clinton Avenue Block Party on Friday.

The owners say the store is a boutique for women's clothes, gifts and accessories, inspired by the classic style of Jacqueline Kennedy.

"We want to know what you are looking for," Tortorigi explained. "We want to know brands that you like, things that you love. We really want ya'll to be a part of our journey with us, get to know us, and get to know our store."

J. Kennedy Clothing Company joins flourishing businesses Roosevelt, Elitaire, Frios Gourmet Pops, and the newly expanded Honest Coffee in what used to be a row of parking.

President and CEO of Downtown Huntsville Inc., Chad Emerson, says the area has become some of the best retail in Alabama.
"Here used to have 15 parking spaces, now the city is generating tax revenue out of these great spaces," Emerson said. "We're finding people coming down from Nashville, Chattanooga, Birmingham, just to shop here. It's become a destination in Huntsville."

While this is the last shop at The Garage on Clinton Row, Emerson says Downtown Huntsville is far from being finished.

"We're looking at some potential growth opportunities around here," Emerson said. "But I'll tell you what, vacancy is low, and interest is high."

Construction on the new shop is expected to begin in the upcoming weeks, and it should be open by early March.