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Madison County’s Superintendent responds to gun incidents at Hazel Green High

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. -- For the first time after two separate gun-related incidents at Hazel Green High School, Superintendent Matt Massey is answering questions.

"We're assessing the situation, we're looking at it from every angle," said Massey during a board meeting Thursday.

Massey wants parents to know he hears their concerns loud and clear.

"We're right there with you. We're alarmed, we're upset and this has no place in our schools," said Massey.

Massey went on to say he spent much of the day speaking to parents who are worried this is quickly becoming a trend.

"It was a little bit of a range of emotion for the parents. At first, they're angry. Now it's just worried, but it's just reassuring them we're doing everything we can to keep their kids safe," explained Massey.

The first gun-related incident occurred on October 19th. According to the sheriff's office, 18-year-old Adrian Lopez brought a gun to Hazel Green High School. Authorities say the gun was discovered after it fell onto the floor during class.

Just six days later the sheriff's office said they received a tip that another student had brought a gun to school. The SRO along with school administrators were able to locate the student along with a handgun from the student's backpack.

While he is limited on what he could share about both investigations, he said he's confident neither student planned to do harm.

"The students had no intention of using it. The problem is that the feeling, the need that they needed that at school," said Massey.

At the moment, Massey didn't have any policy changes to announce but, he said they haven't ruled out anything that would help send the message to keep your guns at home. Massey encourages all students and staff to use the 'Safe to Tell' hotline to report anything suspicious during the school day.