Hollywood Fire Department gives students a lesson in fire safety

HOLLYWOOD, Ala. - Every year the Hollywood Fire Department visits Hollywood School for a fire prevention course. "We're doing the whole school, Pre-K through 8th grade. There are about 175 kids that will be running through this smoke trailer today," says Chief Patrick Allen of the Hollywood Fire Department.

Hollywood firefighters provide a couple of fire trucks, but especially their smoke trailer to teach these students the basics of fire safety. "Like I said it'll be smoked filled. We've got a fog machine, it fills up with smoke and they learn how to crawl and get down low and get out," explains Chief Allen.

He says the fire statistics are growing to extremely dangerous heights. "The fire death total is rising every year in the state of Alabama and you know practicing fire safety is a big thing." This is why lessons like these are so important to teach at a young age. "You know that's why we try to show them get out, stay out," says Chief Allen. "If you were to catch on fire, do the stop drop and roll. And the biggest thing is don't play with fire."

Firefighters are not only reaching out to the students, but other community groups like churches as well.